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Battle of the B.O.: Antiperspirant vs. Deodorant vs. Anti-Odorant

Putting on deodorant is a part of life and who wants to  be slathering their pits with chemicals? Many people around the world have made the switch over to natural deodorant alternatives and that makes perfect sense – but do you know the difference between an Antiperspirant, Deodorant and Anti-odorant? “What is an anti-odorant?” is […]

How to Keep Your Armpits Odour-Free Without Using Harsh Chemicals

Most people use deodorant, whether they are sweating it out on the court or just going about their everyday lives. The chemicals in many store-bought deodorants are known to cause skin irritation or even become harmful to your health. As an alternative, you can use a natural deodorant. Discover the reasons why it’s time to […]

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